Entrepreneur Concepts (Pt 1)

I want to take some time to discuss entrepreneur concepts. These are ideas or concepts that are on the back of many entrepreneurs minds, and can be attributed to much of their success. I want to share these with you today to give you practical concepts that you can apply in business, or in your daily life to achieve more. By just applying one of these ideas you may see dramatic improvement in your next business venture.

Here We Go.

Path of Least Resistance – This is an ancient concept that relates to life, and everything that life encompasses. Ancients, and modern scientist have found that life grows and moves through the path of least resistance. Lighting will strike down a path with the least amount of friction. Water will move down a river in the path of least resistance, and a tree will grow upwards in the least resistant trajectory.

In modern business people have found that humans act in that same way. They make purchases, decisions, and take action on things that offer the least resistance. This has been talked about at length by many entrepreneurs, including Mark Cuban. The idea is to make things as easy as you possibly can for people to adopt. Getting a customer to adopt a new habit or behavior is predicated on making it as frictionless as possible. People do things because it’s easy and does not involve a lot os steps. Hence why Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s fought for ownership of the one click purchase. As well as why he’s launching the Dash button, a button that allows consumers to push a button at their home to order a product that will instantly be shipped to their house. Taking all the friction out of going to the store, or going on the internet to order something. This makes the process of ordering something as frictionless as possible, since they are reducing the steps needed to make a purchase. Focus on making your product or service as easy as possible to adopt, use, and purchase.  Continue reading Entrepreneur Concepts (Pt 1)

Steve Jobs & Others

I was having a really enlightening conversation with a  couple business owners this past week who’s company does pest control in Michigan, and got some great insight into what it takes to really succeed in business. I know so many of us want to own our business, but it is really crucial we understand the ingredients of a successful business, before we jump right in. According to these Michigan business owners, the path to success is different than the path many business owners typically take. They said far too often people quit early in their business because owning your own business is too difficult and they have not planned for the amount of work it would require. Second they are approaching business from a position of what’s in it for the business, and not what’s in it for the customer. By engraining a can do attitude in their employees and a service to other mentality, these two brothers have created a very successful local business in Michigan.

The owners Allan and his brother Brent came from a hard working family in a small farm town in Michigan, and said working hard was the only thing they really knew. The boys who eventually left their small farm town and spent a couple years abroad, said their work ethic and sense of family never left them, and is the roots of their current business in Michigan. Continue reading Steve Jobs & Others

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, pronounced bay-zos, is the CEO of one of the internets most well known sites, Amazon.com. Jeff who started his career in finance, is an interesting character to follow, and a major player in the United States economy, as well as the global economy. His company over the past couple years has generated an enormous amount attention with its overarching participation in hundreds of existing markets and has become what Bezos originally set out to create, the “sell everything store.”

Beginning as an online book retailer, because Jeff saw books as a great commodity and something that held it’s value no matter who was selling it. A book is a book, regardless if you buy it at Barnes and Noble, or you purchase it online. Amazon has obviously come to offer a lot more than just books and now offers almost any tangible product you can think of, putting every large big box store on its heels. “Evolve or die,” is a principal by which Jeff operates, and it is not Amazon that is taking over, but rather the future is taking over, and Amazon is just positioning itself appropriately. with 1 day shipping, talk about drone delivery and the new dash buttons, Amazon is quickly outpacing the competition and creating the path of least resistance for consumers and ultimately winning business left and right.  Continue reading Jeff Bezos

Will Smith

Yet another hard working entrepreneur who has made his millions from dedication to his craft. Though some of us will say his career is built on talent, Will Smith will tell you differently. It is the same message that we are hearing from most successful entrepreneurs, that they are committed and hard working not that they are necessarily talented. There are tons of talented individuals that will never realize their full potential because they never had the work ethic to fully exploit their talents. Though it may seem that certain people have “god given advantages,” it seems like the common theme for many entrepreneurs is that there is no substitute for hard work.  Continue reading Will Smith

Elon Musk

Today I want to talk about someone that most of us are becoming increasingly familiar with, Mr. Elon Musk. With a huge macro vision of the world and the future of humanity, Elon Musk is making big plays and having huge impacts on society and the economy. I am inspired to write this post because I recently was talking with the owner of a limo company in Phoenix I use often, and he was telling me he met Elon in person a few years back, and he was a force of nature. He said he was only able to speak with him for a minute or so, but that’s all it took to realize how powerful this 44 year old is. Continue reading Elon Musk

Mark Cuban

Hey guys just want to continue to offer great people and ideas to help keep the momentum going in your life an in your business. Today I want to drop a little plug for the infamous Mark Cuban and his bad ass entrepreneurial ways. As most know Mark Cuban is a billionaire with a “B” and has made history as one of the most talked about entrepreneurs. He is famous for being the cool and sought after investor in Shark Tank, and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Mark made his start as an entrepreneur like many couch surfing and sleeping in a one bedroom apartment with 5 guys. His humble beginnings and hard working mentality has made him one of the wealthiest men in this country. Mark got his start in software and tech, so don’t let his cool personality fool you because this guy has mad smarts. Still developing cutting edge products in the tech world, and investing in many up and coming technologies Mark is definitely someone you want to plug into. Check out one of my favorite recent interviews with him and Tai Lopez down below.

Stay thirsty & Stay Learning! Continue reading Mark Cuban

Gary Vaynerchuk

Hey guys, I want to introduce another awesome entrepreneur who can be a great inspiration to you in your personal journey. This gentlemen is the manifestation of the word hustle and will quickly change how you define it. He’ll give it to you straight, and lay down the reality of what being an entrepreneur will take.  His name is Gary Vaynerchuk and he is a social media mogul and he is changing lives with his rising media presence. I’m not part of the VaynerNation as he likes to call it, but I am gobbling up loads of value from this guy. Continue reading Gary Vaynerchuk

Goal Setting

Recently a couple of the guys here at MTGN were at a business convention in Phoenix. We have begun to offer business consulting to local businesses which include motivational strategies, sales strategies, and more. So we have been attending conventions like this one quite frequently, to meet potential clients, and learn more about local business practices. Though our consulting business has not taken off yet, we have made some great connections and really expanded our horizon. While in Phoenix we talked to a couple local contractors and business owners, and one in particular deserves some spotlight. His name was Scott and he was with the company Pool Remodel Phoenix, and let me tell you this gentleman had some words of wisdom, so we thought we would share some with you.

Continue reading Goal Setting

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